inFRONT: Inside Investment Frontiers of Sustainability Transitions


Dr. Kei Otsuki
Principal Investigator
Dr. Otsuki is an associate professor of International Development Studies at Utrecht University, specialised in development sociology and sustainability research. She contributes her expertise on critical approaches to international sustainable development and land-infrastructure relationship in the global South, including Brazil, Mozambique, and more recently Indonesia, to the project. Read more
Prof. Annelies Zoomers
Dr. Griet Steel
Emilinah Namaganda
PhD researcher
Emilinah Namaganda is a PhD candidate at the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning at Utrecht University. Her research employs geospatial techniques and critical theories (specifically Africana Critical Theory) to examine the socio-economic and environmental implications of an expanding frontier of sustainability-induced extractivism in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique. Read more
Celio Panquene
PhD researcher
Hiroyuki Tsuji
PhD researcher
Hiroyuki Tsuji is a PhD candidate at the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning at Utrecht University. He holds a MA. degree in African studies from Porto University in Portugal, and a BA. degree from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies in Japan. His current research focuses on the development of extractive urbanism in the coal frontier of Tete, Mozambique, more specifically, how different inhabitants in Tete have been coping with the socio-economic, environmental, and spatial changes that the new coal economy has brought. Furthermore, amid the ongoing global shift towards a low-carbon future, Tete’s case can illustrate the effects of this transition on the existing coal frontier that still heavily relies on the fossil fuel projects.
Dr. Eric Cezne
Postdoctoral researcher
Eric Cezne is a postdoctoral researcher within the project and explores how sustainability transitions (re-)shape ecosystemic (geo)politics, commodity value chains, and business-society relations in the Amazon Basin. Read more